A study of learning disaster support for bereaved families at a workshop: Based on planning and management of the 16th Japan Disaster Nursing Society Conference Chikage Kubota 1,2 , Tatsue Yamazaki 1,3 , Kayoko Kurokawa 1,4 , Mayumi Kishino 1,5 Keyword: ワークショップ , 災害 , 遺族支援 , Workshop , disaster , support for bereaved families pp.15-24
Published Date 2017/12/31
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.7008200476
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 In acute care settings of disasters bereaved family members experience psychological crises. Therefore, it is necessary to acquire knowledge about bereaved family members in situations of grief and loss, and to learn about bereaved family support.

 The Japan DMORT (Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team) association was planning a workshop for bereaved family support at the 16th Japan Society of Disaster Nursing Conference. We organized some lectures at this workshop on “Psychology of bereaved families in acute settings,” “ Bereaved family support/Psychology of bereaved families,” “ Family Nursing and Bereaved family support,” and participants discussed support of bereaved families. As a result, the participants deepened their knowledge about practical support of bereaved family members in acute disaster care settings. It is necessary to consider the lecture contents, and provide time for discussion at the workshop.

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