Japan Society of Nursing Diagnosis Volume 9, Issue 1 (March 2004)

Preliminary Survey about the Situation Which was Used the Classification of NANDA's Nursing Diagnosis and Others for Nursing Information System in Japan Takao Nakaki 1 , Yuko Kuroda 2 , Masae Oda 3 , Tokiko Kikuchi 4 , Yasuyuki Tanahashi 5 1The Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing 2School of Nursing, Kitasato University 3Seinan Jogakuin University 4Miyagi University 5Master's Course, the Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing Keyword: 看護情報システム , NANDA看護診断 , 予備的調査 , 電子カルテ , Nursing Information System , NANDA's Nursing Diagnosis , Preliminary Survey , Electronic Record pp.58-63
Published Date 2004/3/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.7004100172
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 The purpose of this preliminary survey was to identify the situation in which the classification of NANDA's nursing diagnosis and others were used for nursing information system in Japan. This subjects were fifteen nurses with the sixteen hospitals in Japan. Data were obtained by interview or e-mail based on guideline and analyzed according to qualitative manner. As a result, the nursing information system was structured as a part of institutional information system except for one hospital. On going nursing information systems varied widely. The relationship between time of system development and the published nursing terminology was identified because this survey was preliminary. This survey suggested that the survey of the educational program for utilization of nursing information system be needed.

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9巻1号 (2004年3月)
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