Rinsho Ganka Volume 68, Issue 5 (May 2014)

Anterior lenticonus in a case of Alport syndrome Satoru Ueno 1 , Kazuki Kuniyoshi 1 , Tomoyasu Kayazawa 1 , Keizo Watanabe 1 , Masahiko Fukuda 1 , Yoshikazu Shimomura 1 1Dept of Ophthalmol, Kinki Univ Fac of Med pp.695-699
Published Date 2014/5/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1410105231
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Abstract. Purpose:To report a case of Alport syndrome who developed anterior lenticonus. Case:A 46-year-old male presented with decreased vision in both eyes since 8 months before. He had had hearing difficulty and chronic renal failure. Reportedly, his mother had hematuria. One of his sisters had been treated for renal failure. blurring in the left eye. Findings:Visual acuity was 0.07 in either eye. When corrected by about-8 diopters, it improved to 0.3 in either eye. Both eyes showed anterior lenticonus. As intraoperative finding, the anterior lens capsule was thin and elastic, making continuous curvicular capsulotomy difficult. The excised anterior lens capsule showed, when observed by electron microscopy, dehiscences involving the whole layer from the basement membrane to the surface of lens capsule. Visual acuity has been maintained at 1.0 right and 0.9 left for 3 years until present. Conclusion:Lens reconstruction was effective for anterior lenticonus in the present case of Alport syndrome.

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