Rinsho Ganka Volume 68, Issue 5 (May 2014)

Review of cataract surgery in eyes with prior LASIK for myopia Takaki Fukunaga 1 , Shunji Tsuboi 1 1Tsuboi Eye Cent pp.701-705
Published Date 2014/5/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1410105233
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Abstract. Purpose:To review cataract surgery in eyes with prior LASIK. Cases and Method:We evaluated 48 eyes that received cataract surgery after LASIK for myopia. Haigis-L formula was used in selecting the intraocular lens(IOL)for cataract surgery. Results:Refraction after surgery was within±0.5 diopters in 30 eyes(63%)and within±1.5 diopters in 44 eyes(92%). There was a tendency for postoperative error to increase when the predicted power of IOL diverted widely from +20 diopters. Conclusion:Haigis-L formula was useful in predicting the IOL power in eyes with prior LASIK for myopia. Some eyes showed gross diversion from the predicted value.

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