An investigation into the actual conditions of speech-language-hearing therapists in medical institutions in Japan: Results of the 4th survey Asami Takano 1 , Kazushi Uchiyama 1 , Masae Tsutsumi 1 , Junichi Fukaura 2 1Department of Medical Insurance, Japanese Association of Speech-Language-Hearing Therapists 2Japanese Association of Speech-Language-Hearing Therapists Keyword: 言語聴覚士 , 診療報酬改定 , 実態調査 , speech-language-hearing therapists , revision of medical fee , investigation into the actual conditions pp.153-165
Published Date 2019/9/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.6001200237
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 Following the revision of medical service fees in FY 2016, we conducted a survey on its effects and the working conditions of speech-language-hearing therapists(SLHTs) in medical institutions in Japan. We received answers from 479 facilities and determined the following trends. Under the revised medical service fee, SLHTs treated more patients who needed rehabilitation for disuse syndrome following an aspiration pneumonia. Another notable change was the increased variety of patients receiving dysphagia rehabilitation; SLHTs were found to treat patients with dysphagia caused by diseases other than cerebrovascular diseases. SLHTs' interventions increased slightly in the field of rehabilitation in community-based phase. However, it is far from sufficient and there remain large regional differences. Changes in the working conditions of SLHTs were also noted, such as working irregular shifts. An increase in SLHTs' interventions in community-based phase means that SLHTs must serve the needs of increasingly varied clients', which requires more precise business coordination. Future tasks for SLHTs include carrying out rehabilitation for respiratory dysfunction, promoting dysphagia rehabilitation, and establishing a home care support system. As for the issue of an insufficient supply of SLHTs, we suggest that it is important to secure not only the number, but also the quality, of SLHTs.

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