Muscle regeneration in muscular dystrophies Yuko JIN 1 , Ikuya NONAKA 2 1Department of Ultrastructural Research, National Institute of Neuroscience, NCNP 2National Center Hospital for Mental, Nervous and Muscular Disorders Keyword: 筋衛星細胞 , 筋分化制御因子 , mdxマウス , dyマウス pp.293-304
Published Date 2000/4/10
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1431901148
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It is well-known that the muscle fiber is capable of regeneration after necrosis not only in normal but in dystrophic muscles. Despite the presence of numerous regenerating fibers, the muscle weakness is progressive in progressive muscular dystrophies. It remains a question why the regenerative process cannot compensate for muscle degeneration in muscular dystrophies?

The extent of muscle regeneration in space and time is influence by the type of injury.

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