Problems of the presence of silicone intraocular lens during vitreous surgery Tadashi Hattori 1 , Yumiko Kiuchi 1 , Sayuri Kuroda 1 , Yoshihiko Ninomiya 1 , Yoshiko Okano 1 , Hisashi Takenaka 1 , Takatoshi Maeno 1 , Tomiya Mano 1 1Tane Memorial Eye Hosp pp.1091-1093
Published Date 1996/6/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1410904934
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We performed vitreous surgery for nonrhegmatogenous retinal detachment in an eye that had undergone implantation of silicone intraocular lens and laser posterior capsulotomy 27 months before. We encountered problems in the visibility of the fundus as different in eyes with PMMA intraocular lens. One was poor visibility of the peripheral fundus during vitreous surgery. The other was moisture condensation on the posterior surface of the intraocular lens during fluid-air exchang.

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