Results of pterygium surgery Kiyoshi Nakajima 1 , Yukiko Motomiya 1 , Tomoko Nashiro 1 , Hirofumi Higa 1 1Dept of ophthalmol, Higa eye hosp pp.1095-1099
Published Date 1996/6/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1410904935
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We reviewed the rate of recurrence after initial surgery for pterygium performed by one surgeon. The cases included 124 eyes which could be followed up for 3 months or longer. Another series of 20 eyes were operated by the same method with additional topical application of mitomycin C. Recurrence occurred in 25 of 124 eyes, 20%. Rate of recurrence was significantly high in males and low in patients aged 50 years or more. Recurrence developed after an average of 4 months after surgery. It developed within 5 months in 90% of the 25 eyes. There was no recurrence in the 20 eyes treated by topical mitomycin C.

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