A case of luxation of crystalline lens with spontaneous absorption Seita Morishita 1 , Takaki Sato 1 , Atsuko Nakaizumi 1 , Eisuke Ishizaki 1 , Masahiro Minami 1 , Mari Ueki 1 , Tsunehiko Ikeda 1 1Dept of Ophthalmol,Osaka Med Coll pp.1193-1196
Published Date 2010/7/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1410103272
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Abstract. Purpose:To report a spontaneously resolved case of phacogenic endophthalmitis secondary to traumatic lens luxation 20 years before. Case:A 73-yeaer-old male presented with pain in the left eye since 17 days before. When seen on day 4 of the disease,he had reportedly visual acuity of 1.5 right and counting fingers left. Intraocular pressure(IOP)was reportedly 15 mmHg right and 43 mmHg left. The left eye showed signs of endophthalmitis. He had suffered ocular trauma with lens luxation and received no surgery. Findings:The left eye showed minimum signs of endophthalmitis or vitreous opacity. IOP was within normal range. The left eye showed a swollen lens in the vitreous. He was treated by conservative means. The lens stroma disappeared 4 months later leaving only the lens capsule. Visual acuity improved to 0.4. Conclusion:Endophthalmitis in the present case was presumably induced by rupture of the crystalline lens of recent onset. Lens-induced endophthalmitis spontaneously resolved after gradual absorption of lens protein.

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