Surgical procedures and postoperative outcome of acquired blepharoptosis in elderly persons Mari Goto 1 , Miho Kaneko 1 , Sakurako Takeda 1 , Kiyoshi Kawamoto 1 , Masao Matsubara 1 1Dept of Ophthalmol, Tokyo Women's Med Univ Med Cent East pp.303-305
Published Date 2008/3/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1410102157
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Abstract. Purpose:To report surgical procedures and outcome of blepharoptosis in elderly persons. Cases and Method:This retrospective study was made on senile patients who received surgery for blepharoptosis during the past 4-year period, and who were followed up for one year or longer. The series comprised 178 eyes of 118 patients including 28 males and 90 females. Their age ranged from 65 to 88 years, average 74 years. Seven cases had unilateral facial palsy in the past. All the cases received blepharoplasty by excision of redundant skin and eyelid tissue. Additionally, 53 eyes received transcutaneous aponeurotic repair by levator tuck. Results:Blepharoptosis improved in all the eyes at 1 year after surgery. In 35 eyes that were followed up for 3 years or longer, 6 eyes received additional surgery. Conclusion:Blepharoplasty by excision of skin and eyelid tissue was effective for blepharoptosis in senile persons. Reduction in weight of the eyelid seemed to be a contributing factor.

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