Outcome of primary and repeat surgeries for congenital blepharoptosis Mari Goto 1 , Hazuki Yamada 1 , Kiyoshi Kawamoto 1 , Masao Matsubara 1 1Dept of Ophthalmol,Tokyo Women's Med Univ Med Cent East pp.1923-1926
Published Date 2009/12/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1410103043
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Abstract. Purpose:To report the outcome of primary and repeat surgeries for congenital blepharoptosis. Cases and Method:This retrospective study was made on 50 eyes of 40 patients who received surgery for congenital blepharoptosis during the past 7 years. All were followed up for 2 years or longer. The age ranged from 1 to 19 years,average 6.3±4.8 years. Two cases had been operated before. Three cases had blepharophimosis. All the cases received levator resection. Medical canthoplasty was performed whenever necessary. Results:Blepharoptosis improved after initial surgery in 47 eyes and after second surgery in the other 3. All cases attained cosmetic improvements. Two eyes needed resection of redundant skin or surgery for entropion. Conclusion:Resection of levator muscle was effective for congenital blepharoptosis. Additional surgery may be indicated for other anomalies. A long-term observation is necessary regarding eventual age-related changes.

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