Differences in eye movement during reading vertically and horizontally printed sentences Michiko Igawa 1 , Nanami Nakayama 2 , Fumiatsu Maeda 1 , Akio Tabuchi 1 1Dept of Sen Sci,Grad Sch of Health Sci and Tec,Kawasaki Univ of Med Wel 2Dept of Vis Sci,Grad Sch of Med Sci,Kitasato Univ pp.1251-1255
Published Date 2006/7/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1410100902
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Abstract. Purpose:To compare eye movements during reading vertically and horizontally printed sentences. Subjects and Method:This study was made on 19 healthy volunteers aged from 19 to 23 years. They were asked to read a printed material written vertically or horizontally. They were also interviewed regarding easiness of reading. Eye movement was recorded by an infrared recorder shaped like spectacles. Results:Recorded eye movements showed a staircase-pattern consisting of saccades and periods of fixation. Saccades were faster while reading horizontally printed material. Period of fixation was more frequent while reading vertically printed material. Majority of cases reported that horinzontally printed material was easier to read. Conclusion:There is more frequent period of fixation with slower saccades while reading vertically written material. This feature is a major factor that affects reading ability.

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