Electromyographic analysis of extraocular muscles during reading Fumiatsu Maeda 1 , Hisashi Kimura 2 , Akio Tabuchi 1 1Doctoral Program in Sensory Sci,Grad Sch of Health Sci and Tech,Kawasaki Univ of Med Welfare 2Kimura Eye Clin pp.977-981
Published Date 2006/6/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1410101664
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Purpose:To analyze the electrophysiologic activity of extraocular muscles during reading. Subjects and Methods:This experimental study was made on two healthy adults,aged 24 and 25 years respectively. They were asked to read horizontally printed sentences held 40cm from the eyes. Electromyogram(EMG)and electro-oculogram(EOG)were simultaneously recorded during reading. Results:EOG during reading consisted of repetitions of saccades of gaze shift and fixation on words,resulting in staircase pattern. EMG showed high-frequency burst discharges synchronous with saccades recorded in the agonistic muscles in both eyes. Sustained discharges of constant amplitude were generated during fixation. Conclusion:EMG during reading showed pulse-step discharges. It was possible to record basic output patterns of eye position and movement during reading.

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