Causes of blepharoptosis in surgically treated cases Tone Suzuki 1 , Atsushi Segawa 1 , Yasushi Uchino 1 , Masaya Nishio 1 , Makoto Chikuda 1Dept of Ophthalmol,Dokkyo Univ Sch of Med,Koshigaya Hosp pp.2003-2005
Published Date 2005/12/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1410100263
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We reviewed 245 cases who received surgery for blepharoptosis during the past 9-year period. Particular attention was paid to causative factors. The series comprised 77 males and 168 females. About 75% of patients were aged 60 year or over. Blepharoptosis was congenital in 7% and was postnatal in 93% of the series. It was unilateral in 150 cases(61%)and bilateral in 95 cases(39%). History of cataract surgery was present in 52 cases(21%)and that of facial palsy in 11 cases(4.5%). Senile blepharoptosis was present in 202 cases(82%). These findings show that increase in senile population and intraocular surgery may be related to blepharoptosis in recent years. It is necessary to differentiate neuromuscular disorders,including myasthenia gravis,in the diagnosis of blepharoptosis in senile patients.

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