Sustained Improvement of Pulmonary Hemodynamics by Beraprostsodium Therapy in a Patient with Primary Pulmonary Hypertension Hajime Matutani 1 , Ken Hirose 1 , Hidehiko Suzuki 1 , Takashi Nakaji 1 , Yasuhito Horie 1 , Hiroshi Harasawa 1 , Takaaki Nakamoto 1 , Masahiko Iizuka 1 1First Department of Internal Medicine, Dokkyo Univer-sity School of Medicine Keyword: 原発性肺高血圧症 , 心不全 , prostaglandin I2 , PPH , right ventricular failure pp.877-881
Published Date 1996/8/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1404900017
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The patient is a 50-year-old male. In these 2.6 years, he has been under oral prostaglandin E1 therapy and home oxygen therapy at our outpatient clinic with a diagnosis of primary pulmonary hypertension (PPH). He was admitted to our hospital because of the aggra-vation of pulmonary hemodynamics. Oral administra-tion of beraprostsodium (BPS), a stable prostaglandin I2 derivative, was given at the initial dose of 60μg/dayand final increase dose of 180μg/day. Both the arterial pressure and pulmonary arterialar resistance were de-creased. This improvement is considered to be due to its vasodilative, antiplatelet activity, antiplatelet and antithrombotic actions of BPS. It was suggested that BPS effectively suppress the progress of the PPH.

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