Respiratory Function after Living Donor Lobar Lung Transplantation for Primary Pulmonary Hypertension:A case report Kayoko Hirayama 1 , Tomotaka Nakayama 1 , Tsutomu Saji 1 , Yasufumi Ozawa 1 , Hiroshi Hosida 1 , Keiko Tsuruta 1 , Hiroyuki Matsuura 1 , Norio Matsuo 1 , Nobuhide Kato 2 , Keigo Takagi 2 , Siro Yamazaki 2 1The First Department of Pediatrics, Toho University School of Medicine 2The Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Toho University School of Medicine Keyword: 原発性肺高血圧症 , 生体部分肺移植 , 呼吸機能検査 , primary pulmonary hypertension , living related lung lobar transplantation , pulmonary function test pp.705-710
Published Date 1998/7/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1404901730
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We evaluated the pulmonary function tests (PFT) in an 11-year-old girl who underwent living donor lobar lung transplantation for primary pulmonary hyperten-sion, performed in Childrens Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA). The donors were her parents. After both lungs of the patient were removed, her father's right lower lobe and her mother's left lower lobe were resected and transplanted to her right and left lung, respectively.

We examined cardiac catheterization at 3 month and PFT monthly after transplantation. The mean pulmo-nary artery pressure (from 60mmHg to 20mmHg) and pulmonary vascular resistance (from 15 Wood units to 2 Wood units) had significantly decreased.

% VC decreased to 63 % at 1 month after transplanta-tion, but returned to more than 80 % 2 months later and has continued at normal range. FEV1.0%, as a clinical indicator of the obstructive bronchiolitis syndrome, has also continued at a level of more than 80 %.

RV/TLC increased to 0.35 at 3 months.

We considered that the transplanted lung was slightly over inflated lung, but PFT improved. DLco/VA has also been stabilized.

Obstructive or restrictive ventilatory disturbance was not found 1 year after surgery.

We conclude that the transplanted lobes from her parents seem to be normal in respiratory function and that the hemodynamics after the transplant operation are also normal.

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