Complications and Management in Endoscopic Treatment for Esophageal Disease Osamu Chino 1 , Hideo Shimada 1 , Hiroyasu Makuuchi 1 1Department of Surgery, Tokai University School of Medicine Keyword: 食道内視鏡治療 , 偶発症 , 出血 , 穿孔 , 狭窄 pp.703-707
Published Date 2006/4/24
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403100355
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Endoscopic devices and equipment as well as their related tools have been developed, and endoscopic treatment has gained popularity. On the other hand, complications are being encountered. Before performing endoscopic examination and treatment on the esophagus, the necessity of such a maneuver as well as the possible complications should be explained to the patients and informed consent is required. Anatomically, the lumen of the esophagus is quite narrow, thereby limiting observation of the lesion. In addition, the location of the lesion is in the posterior mediastinum and the complications occasionally become severe. This paper gives the complications of endoscopic treatment on the esophagus and their causes, prevention and treatment.

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