Journal of the Japan Maternal and Infant Care Association Volume 5, Issue 2 (January 2012)

Thoughts of Women Considering Terminating Infertility Treatment as They Continue to Undergo that Treatment Chikako WATANABE 1 1Faculty of Nursing, Toho University Keyword: 不妊症 , 治療の終結 , 継続 , 思い , 女性 , infertility , termination of treatment , continuing , thoughts , women pp.17-27
Published Date 2012/1/1
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 To clearly define the thoughts of infertile women who are considering terminating infertility treatment as they continue to undergo that treatment.


 Study participants were 4 women who terminated infertility treatment. The women were encouraged talk openly about their personal experiences from the start to the termination of infertility treatment. For analysis, transcripts were first compiled and specific scenes were then identified, arranged in chronological order, and the women's life stories were elicited. Next, women's thoughts as they considered terminating infertility treatment were analyzed in regard to what type of thoughts the women had. These thoughts were categorized based on similarities and differences in types of thoughts.


 Participants were hesitant to concede that they had no chance of conceiving. Their thoughts also ran a wide gamut: while they were loathe to give up continuing treatment since they had invested so much in infertility treatment and felt as if all their hard work had come to nothing, they also felt as if they could not stop treatment unless they had something to show for it. Participants felt as if they had lost the ability to bring forth life while being unable to decide how they themselves felt.


 Results suggested that nurses need to periodically indicate to women undergoing infertility treatment their status and prospects for conceiving. Results also suggested that society needs to be told about the concept of reproductive health&rights so that women are free to make their own decisions.

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