Changes in Nursing Practice Recognized by Nurses Who Have Completed the Training for the Tokutei Acts Kaya Higuchi 1 , Chifuyu Hayashi 1 1Kobe City College of Nursing Keyword: 特定行為研修 , 特定行為 , ジェネラリスト , 看護実践 , the Training System for Nurses on the Tokutei Acts , Tokutei Acts , generalist , nursing practices pp.645-653
Published Date 2020/12/31
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 Objective: We aimed to identify the awareness among nurses regarding how their nursing practice in their medical team changed after completing the Training for the Tokutei Acts.

 Methods: We conducted a semi-structured interview with ten study participants and analyzed the data using a qualitative descriptive method.

 Results: Our analysis of data extracted seven categories, including the following: (1) Being able to exercise medical reasoning and judgement; (2) Performing physical assessment from a wider perspective; (3) Expressing in-depth opinions about diagnosis and treatment; (4) Providing suggestions to physicians made possible after completing the training to perform Tokutei Acts; and (5) Increasing the types of care that can be provided because of completing the training to perform Tokutei Acts.

 Conclusions: After completion of the Training for the Tokutei Acts, which gave trainees knowledge about diagnostic processes and qualified them to perform Tokutei Acts, they became aware that they could make suggestions to physicians and provide expanded care, which they had been unable to do prior to the training. Our future challenge is to clarify how such changes in nursing practice mentioned by trainees were associated with their service provision from a medical care viewpoint.

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