Keyword: 腹膜透析 , 訪問看護 , 介護保険 , セルフケア能力 , peritoneal dialysis , home-visit nursing , long-term care insurance , self-care agency pp.46-56
Published Date 2007/11/15

 The purpose of this study was to identify the perception of the roles of home visiting nurses in themselves and elderly peritoneal dialysis patients at home.

 The objects of study are 6 nurses in 2 home-visit nursing stations and 9 elderly peritoneal dialysis patients are provided nursing care by 6 nurses. Date correcting is interview to nurses and patients, and date analysis is content analysis, which Krippendorff Kraus's procedure.

 The results indicated that Three categories of nurses' perception; [Information of right ways], [Deciding best workers for care giving], [Getting corporation of another workers], Three categories of patients' perception; [Indicating for a judgment on living], [Coping with emergency of patients], [Managing necessary care for patients].

 Because Elderly peritoneal dialysis patients perception [Indicating for a judgment on living], visiting nurses care for patients, that they cognitive [Information of right ways] to patients. Also, visiting nurses provided [Getting corporation of another workers], so Elderly peritoneal dialysis patients perception [Coping with emergency of patients]. Visiting nurses serve nursing care that think [Deciding best workers for care giving], and [Getting corporation of another workers] for patients. This nursing care is giving [Managing necessary care for patients] to patients.

 This expeditionary study identifies perceptions of role with visiting nurses by visiting nurses and elderly peritoneal dialysis patients, and these perceptions are matting.

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