Keyword: 血液透析患者 , 手術 , 体験 , 現象学 , hemodialysis patients , operation , experience , phenomenology pp.57-63
Published Date 2007/11/15

 The purpose of this study was to clarify the meaning of an operations experienced by patients on hemodialysis, as assessed by the patients themselves. Seven such patients who had undergone an operation participated in the study after submitting their informed consent. Unstructured interviews were individually held when their discharge was arranged and 1 month after discharge to analyze their experience of the operation on the premise of Husserl's phenomenology. Consequently, it was found that the patients had “anxiety about the operation”, “motivation for the operation”, “a feeling of being saved”, and “a sense of facing their own death”before the operation, as well as“a feeling of having been saved”, “physical comfort/discomfort”, “a sense of being a dialysis patient”, “a sense of being supported by others”, and “recognition of new values”after the operation. A comparison between the patients' attitudes toward the past and those toward the future in regard to being a dialysis patient, the operation, what would occur following the operation, and their lives after discharge indicated that an operation experienced by patients on hemodialysis meant “something necessary for them to independently live without causing trouble to others”. In other words, they confronted the operation expecting to live without troubling others, and even accepted various painful experiences associated with the operation as something necessary for them to independently live as a dialysis patient.

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