Development of Quality Indicators to Assess the Quality of Home-visit Nursing That Specializes in Dementia Care Etsuko Tadaka 1 , Hiromi Kawagoe 2 , Yuki Miyamoto 1 , Yasuko Ogata 3 , Naomi Kadota 4 1Division of Health Sciences and Nursing, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo 2Pallium Home-visit Nursing Station 3Graduate School of Nursing, Chiba University 4The Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing Keyword: 認知症ケア , 訪問看護 , 質の評価 , ケアの構造 , ケアの過程 , dementia care , home-visit nursing , quality assessment , care structure , care process pp.64-73
Published Date 2007/3/15
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 The purpose of this research was to develop the quality indicator which specialized for dementia care of the home-visiting nursing. The research method was consisted of three stages, the first stage (literature review); the second stage (expert opinion review); and the third stage (accomplishment level and important evaluation in a nationwide home-visiting nursing care station). As a result of the research, 14 items were developed as the quality indicator for care structure which means presence and content of human, material, and fiscal resources of home-visiting nursing care station, and 20 items were developed as the quality indicator for care process which means actions and contents in the process of the home-visit nursing care service. It is needed to verify the relations between these quality indicators and care outcomes in dementia care in the future.

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