Perception of Self-Care in Middle-aged Peritoneal Dialysis Patients:Components of Meaning for Self-Care Nadami Mimura 1 , Hiroyuki Tamura 2 , Hiroko Mikami 3 , Hiroe Hitomi 4 1Graduate School of Allied Health Science,Tokyo Medical and Dental University 2Department of Nephrology,Tokyo Kyosai Hospital 3Department of Nephrology & Medicine,Okayama Saiseikai General Hospital 4Department of Nursing Care Environment & Mental Health Nursing,Faculty of Medicine,Tottori University Keyword: 腹膜透析 , セルフケア , 壮年期 , peritoneal dialysis , self-care , middle-aged pp.53-63
Published Date 2004/2/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1681100179
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 The purpose of this study is to search for the meaning of self-care in middle-aged peritoneal dialysis patients in home-care situation. This study was using the qualitative research approach. Data was collected through semi-structured interviews and participant observations on 10 participants,and analyzed by inductive coding. The result,8 categories were identified : 1)Finding ways to take care for oneself,2)Responsibility for care,3)Re-framing of living style,4)Qualified schedule time,5)Limitation of activities,6)Limitation of treatment method,7)Maintaining condition for life and 8)Having supports. It is not possible to generalize use,because subjects were specific patients,but it is a useful framework for understanding of peritoneal dialysis patients. Another thing furthers more,we can predict that early peritoneal dialysis patients can perceive to do self-care and support them. This result suggest to the assistance that supports and promotes for self-care.

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