INTENSIVIST Volume 11, Issue 2 (April 2019)

Which route, when and how much should be given? Recommended nutritional therapy Kensuke NAKAMURA 1 1Department of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine Hitachi General Hospital pp.245-255
Published Date 2019/4/1
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To start nutrition therapy for critically ill patients, the first decisions are the route, when and how much should be given. Although mortality may be similar, the rate of infectious complications is less with enteral nutrition (EN) than parenteral nutrition (PN). EN is recommended if the enteral route can be used. Supplemental PN (SPN) which is given with EN has been studied recently. While SPN is important to achieve the total amount of energy needed for malnourished patients, SPN includes the risk of overfeeding. EN is often recommended within 48 hours, however, it is unclear when to start PN or SPN. Permissive underfeeding, less than the energy expenditure, is preferred for patients without nutritional risks, whereas active feeding to achieve full feedings is needed for malnourished patients.

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