KANGO-KENKYU Volume 36, Issue 1 (February 2003)

Trends and Perspectives of Nursing Research Based on The Roy Adaptation Model in Japan Tsuyako Hidaka 1 , Miyoko Matsuo 1 1School of Health Sciences,Faculty of Medicine,Tottori Universitty Keyword: ロイ適応看護モデル , 看護研究 pp.31-38
Published Date 2003/2/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1681100141
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 The Roy Adaptation Model made by Sister Callista Roy was introduced in Japan in the year of 1981,and since that time it has been used in nursing education or nursing practice areas. In thie study,Literature searches were conducted to identify a nursing research trend in Japan regarding The Model and discuss what kind of nursing research was needed to develop nursing activities for clients from now on. According to a database search soft,the number of literature published from 1983 to Oct. 2002 was 110 aeticles. For the 15 years from the beginning nursing research literature was mainly detected in education areas,meaning that most articles were published by people belonged to the education side of nursing. However,inversely,after 15 years,literature has been more produced in the clinical side. Most of nursing research in the clinical side were only presented at an academic conference,and not published for the full pages. Publishing research results might bi a new challenge for clinical nurses. In the clinical research,the assessment framework of The Roy Adaptation Model was primarily used to assess clinical events. Future research was indicated to have a direction of more analytical and critical approach to The Model.

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