Rigaku ryoho janaru Volume 30, Issue 4 (April 1996)

Functional Progress in Gait Perfomance of Chronic Stroke Patients by Practical Training Takaaki MIYAZAKI 1 , Junko TAKIGUCHI 1 , Yutaka AKITA 1 , Tetsuji YAMASAKI 1 , Yuki NOJIMA 1 , Megumi INASAKA 1 1Yokohama Rehabilitation Center pp.279-284
Published Date 1996/4/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1551104530
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 We investigated about gait function of 45 hemiparetic patients with at least six months from onset of stroke. These subjects had been treated by physical therapists in a rehabilitation institute for the physically handicapped during the previous five years. From admission to discharge, they significantly improved in 10 m gait velocity and maximal gait distance, but changes were seen in Brunnstrom recovery stage of the lower extremities. As far as the capability of actual function of gait was concerned, most subjects were obliged to remain limited to home or the neighborhood. On admission to the institute only 8.9% could walk outdoors using public transportation, but 88.9% of the subjects became able to walk by the time of discharge. These results show that gait function significantly progressed even when the starting point of training was over 6 months from stroke onset. Training outdoors and a practical approach to actual life situations were considered effective in this approach.

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30巻4号 (1996年4月)
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