Multiple efferent pathway from hippocampal formation to the entorhinal cortex. Yoshiko HONDA 1 , Norio ISHIZUKA 2 1Department of Anatomy, Tokyo Women's Medical University, School of Medicine 2Department of Brain Structure, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute for Neuroscience Keyword: hippocampal efferents , subiculum , retrohippocampal area , entorhinal cortex pp.297-311
Published Date 2001/4/10
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1431901245
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Memory signals processed in the internal circuit of the hippocampal formation are propagated to the entorhinal cortex by way of several efferent pathways; 1) direct cortical pathways, 2) indirect cortical pathways, and 3) subcortical thalamic pathways. Morphological characteristics of projections of these pathways were studied by using anterograde and retrograde tract tracing methods in the rat. The direct cortical pathways, originating from CA1 and subiculum of the hippocampal formation, directly project to the medial and lateral entorhinal cortices (MEA and LEA).

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