Clinical Ethics of Dementia Care: Respecting the Dignity of Vulnerable and Frail Individuals Mako Minooka 1,2,3 1Japan Association of Clinical Ethics 2Department of Biomedical Ethics, Graduate School of Medicine, University of Tokyo 3Minooka Clinic Keyword: 新しい認知症ケアの倫理 , 行動コントロールの倫理 , 翻訳の倫理 , 認知症の人の自律の概念 , new ethics of dementia care , ethics of behavior control , ethics of interpretation , autonomy of a person with dementia pp.727-735
Published Date 2020/7/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1416201590
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The New Clinical Ethics of Dementia Care is dedicated to the dignity of physically frail and cognitively vulnerable individuals. To deliberate on the dignity of a person with dementia, it is important to focus on their autonomy in health care and daily life.

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