Neuroscience on Cognitive Control of Behavior: Functional Division among Prefrontal Areas Keiji Tanaka 1 1RIKEN Center for Brain Science Keyword: 規則 , タスクセット , ワーキングメモリ , ウィスコンシンカード分類課題 , rule , task set , working memory , Wisconsin Card Sorting Test pp.1357-1371
Published Date 2019/12/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1416201455
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The prefrontal cortex is greatly developed in primates and is considered to play an important role in cognitive control of behavior. In the visual and motor systems, research into the functional division between cortical areas has advanced. The prefrontal cortex has also been shown to be divided into several areas which have different anatomical connections with other brain sites. However, the functional division among prefrontal cortical areas has been less well studied. Knowledge of the functional division is expected to help in understanding the cognitive control of complex behaviors in terms of more elementary processes.

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