SMALL CELL CARCINOMA OF THE BLADDER: A CASE REPORT Keiichiro Ishibashi 1 , Hironori Oyama 1 , Toshihide Shishido 1 , Akira Tsuchiya 1 , Hiroshi Kusama 2 Keyword: 膀胱腫瘍 , 小細胞癌 pp.665-668
Published Date 1996/8/20
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1413901872
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A 58-year-old male with asymptomatic gross hematuria, and malignant urinary cytology was admitted to our hospital. A thumb-sized, non papillary wide-based tumor was found on the left side of the posterior vesical wall by cystoscopy, while no abnormality was disclosed in the head, neck, chest, and abdominal CT scans. Under the diagnosis of invasive bladder cancer on pelvic CT scans, we performed the transurethral biopsy. The pathological examination revealed small homogeneous tumor cells arranged in sheet and solid patterns, which were positive for the anti-NSE stain.

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