Outcome of 25-gauge vitrectomy for proliferative diabetic retinopathy Hiroyuki Nakashizuka 1 , Hiroyuki Shimada 1 , Takayuki Hattori 1 , Ryusaburo Mori 1 , Yoshihiro Mizutani 1 , Mitsuko Yuzawa 1 1Dept of Ophthalmol,Surugadai-Hosp,Nihon Univ Sch of Med pp.667-671
Published Date 2010/5/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1410103173
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Abstract. Purpose:To compare the outcome of 20 G and 25 G vitrectomy for proliferative diabetic retinopathy(PDR). Cases and Method:This study was made on 136 eyes of 108 patients who received vitrectomy by a single surgeon during 52 months. Vitrectomy was performed with 20 G on 45 eyes during the first 16 months and with 25 G during the next 36 months. Vitrectomy was performed up to the farthest periphery. Photocoagulation was applied up to the ora serrata. Bevacizumab was injected in 12 eyes before and in 8 eyes after surgery in 25 G group. Results:There was no difference in final visual outcome between 20 G and 25 G group. The 25 G group differed from the 20 G group regarding shorter duration of surgery and lesser incidence of intraoperative retinal tear formation. Sessions of surgery averaged 1.4 in 20 G group and 1.2 in 25 G group. Silicone oil tamponade and retinal tear formation were major factors for the visual outcome in 25 G group. Conclusion:In vitrectomy for PDR,use of 25 G resulted in the same visual outcome as 20 G,in shorter duration of surgery,and lesser incidence of retinal tear formation.

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