BRAIN TUMOR AND CYCLIC NUCLEOTIDES I. : CONCENTRATIOS OF CYCLIC AMP AND CYCLIC GMP IN VARIOUS BRAIN TUMORS Tomio Tsuchida 1 , Yukitaka Miyachi 2 , Isao Hayakawa 3 , Kimiyoshi Hirakawa 4 , Keiji Sano 1 1Department of Neurosurgery,Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo 2The 3rd Internal Medicine, Hiroshima University 3Section of Neurosurgery, Metoropolitan Bokuto Hospital 4Department of Neurosurgery, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine pp.59-67
Published Date 1980/1/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1406204527
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cAMP and cGMP have been reported to play important roles in differentiation and proliferation of cells. cAMP has also been shown to be impor-tant in the differentiation of cultured brain tumor cells. However, no precise ananlysis of cAMP and cGMP concentrations in brain tumor cells has yetbeen reported. The present studies were therefore undertaken to determine the concentration of cAMP and cGMP in brain tumors in reference to the histopathological findings.

Fifty fresh brain tumors and five brain specimen obtained during surgery were frozen instantly in liquid nitrogen. After homogenization and extrac-tion in ten times volume of 6% TCA, concentra-tion of cyclic nucleotides were determined by a specific and sensitive radioimmunoassy technique.

cAMP and cGMP concentrations in cerebral tissues were 1170±120 and 23.0±5.3 picomole/g wet weight respectively. Concentration of cAMP in glioma (16 cases) was one third that of control brain tissue, while glioblastoma with high cellu-larity and mitosis contained very low concentration of cAMP (130±34 picomole/g) but high concentra-tion of cGMP (59.9±35.7 picomole/g), resulting in a low ratio of cAMP/cGMP. This ratio was also very low in malignant meningioma (6.8) and malignant teratoma (9.1), while high ratios were observed in craniopharyngioma (167.1), benign meningioma (92.6) and hemangioblastoma (21.5). These results show that levels of cyclic nucleotides related to histological findings reveal the important critical function of cyclic nucleotides in the diffe-rentiation and proliferation of brain tumor cells.

Concentrations of cAMP and cGMP in CSF were also measured by the above radioimmunoassay method. Concentration of cAMP in CSF of brain tumor patients (17 cases) was 20.2±5. 1 picomole/ ml and that of controls (21 cases) was 5.6±1. 9 picomole/ml. High concentration of cAMP in CSF was observed in mengioma and neurinoma. Con-centration of cGMP in CSF of brain tumor patients was 9.9±2.1 picomole/ml and that of controls was 3.2±0.9 picomole/ml. High concentration of cGMP was observed in meningioma and glioma. The level of cyclic nucleotides in CSF might play an important role in screening for diagnosis of brain tumors.

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