Plasmocytoma in the Frontal Lobe Jun-ichi Kawafuchi 1 11st Surgical Department, Gunma University School of Medicine pp.549-556
Published Date 1958/8/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1406200699
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As plasma-cell tumors are usually multiple and starting from bone, here is reported an instance of single plasmocytomas of soft tissues. The case represents primary invol-vement of the central nervous system, the single lesion being found at operation in the right frontal lobe.

The patient, a lumberman, aged 25, was admitted because of headache, vomiting and right blepharoptosis. The findings on neurolo-gical examination were: primary atrophy of the right optic nerve, left papilledema (Foster-Kennedy's sign) and right hyposmia. A right carotid arteriogram showed a marked back-ward displacement of the anterior cerebral artery. There was no evidence of a generalized inflammatory process by negative Wasserm-ann reaction of the blood and the cerebrospinal fluid. The right frontal lobe was explored through a transfrontal approach. The dura was thickened in the area and tumor was found just beneath it, extending infiltratively in the brain tissue, elastic hard in consistency, not well circumscribed. The right prefrontal area including the tumor was excised with rapid improvement of symptoms and signs after the operation: he is quite well up to now (three years thence from).

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