Studies on Surgical Treatment of Hydrocephalus Ueki Yukiharu 1 1Department of Heurosurgery, Niigata University School of Medicine pp.79-90
Published Date 1957/2/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1406200540
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Up to now, the surgical treatment of hydro-cephalus has been tried with many various me-thods and being tried. This fact shows nothing but the difficulty and uncertainty of the opera-tion. The operated cases in our clinic as comp-ared with those in foreign clinlcs is very few. However, we have tried and contrived various methods of the operation. On the basis of the results, the another wishes to criticize the sur-gical treatment of hydrocephalus.

The methods performed were: Torkildsen's mehtod, third ventriculostomy (Dandy's method, postero-superior third ventriculostomy), ventri-culomastoidostomy, ventriculopleurostomy, ven-triculoperitoneostomy, salpingo-thecal anastomo-sis, plexectomy, and gently dilating of Sylvian aqueduct.

39 operations were performed in 36 cases. The surgical treatment caused death in 8 of 39 cases, resulted in the alleviation of symptoms in 10 of them, and produced no, or transient, effect in the rest. It is reported that the time-honoured method which drains the liquor into the subcutaneous or the subdural space, has been performed with casual success, although the method has been known to be unsuccessful.

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