Brain and Nerve No to Shinkei Volume 57, Issue 1 (January 2005)

Prolonged Cerebral Salt Wasting following Craniopharyngioma Surgery and Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome : A case report Tatsuya Ohtonari 1 , Masanori Hashimoto 1 , Eiichiro Urasaki 1 , Akira Yokota 1 , Shunsuke Araki 2 , Koutaro Asayama 2 , Akira Shirahata 2 1Department of Neurosurgery, University of Occupational and Environmental Health 2Department of Pediatrics, University of Occupational and Environmental Health Keyword: craniopharyngioma , cerebral salt wasting , hyponatremia , natriuresis , posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome pp.57-63
Published Date 2005/1/1
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A 9-year-old boy was admitted to our hospital with daytime urinary incontinence for the past one year. MRI showed craniopharyngioma occupying the third ventricle. The tumor was excised by interhemispheric approach. Because hyponatremia and polyuria with high renal loss of sodium were observed on postoperative day 3, hydrocortisone and DDAVP were replaced. On postoperative day 24, successive general convulsions and hyponatremia recurred, and MRI FLAIR imaging showed marked brain edema in the bilateral parieto-occipital lobes. This finding disappeared late in the course of treatment, and the case was diagnosed as posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome. The pathophysiology of cerebral salt wasting and posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome in a craniopharyngioma patient are also discussed in the article.

(Received : November 12, 2004)

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Brain and Nerve 脳と神経
57巻1号 (2005年1月)
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