Coexistence of Linear Ulcer and Early Cancer in the Stomach: From the pathological viewpoint T. Murakami 1 1Tokyo Medical and Dental University pp.1013-1018
Published Date 1973/8/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403108580
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 Ulcer cancer of the stomach has been a subject of debate for nearly one hundred years. In the 1880, Hauser reported the first case with a probable relationship between ulcer and cancer of the stomach. To my knowledge, the concept was established by Hauser in the “"Handbook of Henke and Lubarsch” in 1926, approximately 40 years after his first description. This suggests that he had needed that period of time to be convinced of the idea.

 His histologic criteria for ulcer modified by the author are as follows:

 1) Chronic gastric ulcer reaching the serosa (Ul-IV).

 2) Cancer cells in the ulcer margin partly or completely encircling the ulcer, but with complete absence of cancer cells from its bottom.

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