Development and Ripening Process of Gastric Ulcer Judged by Symmetrical Ulcers: part 2. On Linear Ulcer T. Murakami 1 1The First Department of Surgery, Tokyo Medical and Dental University School of Medicine pp.1509-1514
Published Date 1979/11/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403107840
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 1,Although the number was limited, we were able to demonstrate in some cases that linear ulcers developed in a very short time among boys and girls of teen-age, especially in their first half. This fact is a refutation against the commonly acknowledged assumption that linear ulcer be formed by a chain of ulcers occurring on a line at various places.

 2, These ulcers developed as a result of worries of junior high school students about their entrance examination to high school or their selection of jobs. In other words, we are sure these ulcers belong to a kind of stress ulcer.

 3, When we take into account a fact that resection of the stomach because of linear ulcer usually takes place in the age group 40~60, it can be assumed that ulcers that developed at a very early age as exemplified in our cases could lie dormant for long years to come only to recur or become manifest at the time of stress during one's middle years. Of course we do not intend to assert that all linear ulcers be formed in the same way. As there would be various kinds of ripening process in kissing ulcer, so there should be no reason why there would not be various kinds of ripening process in linear ulcer as well.

 4, At all events, a linear ulcer once developed would tend to extend by recurrence further on a line along the original linear ulcer.

 5,It is not at all clear to us why linear ulcer develops from the outset as we are also quite in the dark about the mechanism of the formation of kissing ulcer. However, these questions may all the more afford us with some clues to the mechanism of ulcer development.

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