Pathology of Linear Ulcer of the Stomach Tadashige Murakami 1 1Dept. of Surgery, Juntendo Unirersity, School of Medicine pp.169-177
Published Date 1970/2/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403111198
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 Linear ulcer of the stomach, once called linear, scar has attracted attention of several researchers. Independently of this, the authors became aware of this singural variety of gastric ulcer and since then have tried to collect eases of such a type of ulcer out of resected sepecimens, extracting its special features. It has been found there exists neggative correlation between the length of linear ulcer and the shortening of the lesser curvature, or its distance to the pyloric ring: that gastric obstruction is apt to set in but the period of pain is often so transient that the term of suffering since its first attack to the final surgical intervention is prolonged. The etiology of linear ulcer still remains unclarified. Many theories have been proposed, such as many ulcers occurring in a row or a great large ulcer healing in a transverse way, but they remain unsatisfactory. However, it can readily presumed that a linear ulcer, once it has bacome active, may become longer as the time goes by.

 Histologically, linear ulcer is not much different from round ulcer, except that the muscle layers from both edges of ulcer draws distinctly closer, and often regeneration of fundic glands is observed. The authors have recently experienced a case of cancerous transformation of linear scar, in histogenesis of gastric cancer which was full of useful suggestions.

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