Endoscopic Comments about the Cases of Linear Ulcer Concomitant with Early Cancer T. Sakita 1 1National Cancer Center Hospital pp.1025-1028
Published Date 1973/8/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403108582
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 Linear ulcer or multiple ulcers of the stomach, common sense bade us have been thought to be benign. When multiple ulcers were located at a very short distance to one another, they were often mistaken for malignancy by reciprocal influence, resulting in change of configuration. In fact, mistakes did occur frequently at a certain peroid. With the increase of early gastric cancer we began to notice linear ulcer or multiple ulcers not always benign. The incidence of such a ease is still low, but its reports are increasing in number. For instance, the cases with malignancy in a part or the whole of multiple ulcers are sometimes en-countered and increasing slowly now, along with those in which one or both of kissing ulcers have malignant change or those where a portion of or the entire linear ulcer is cancerous.

 Since the present attempt of this journal to collect cases of linear ulcer concomitant with early cancer is the first one too much should not be expected, but I take it that similar attempts shall be repeated in the years to come to elucidate ulcer-cancer problem Accumulation of as many cases as possible is highly desirable, for only then would we be able to investigate in its various phases.

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