Respiratory phases are reflected in the dynamic respiratory CT image Hiroshi Moriya 1 1Diagnostic Imaging Center Ohara General Hospital Keyword: 320列CT , 呼吸機能 , 動態追跡技術 pp.21-33
Published Date 2018/1/10
DOI https://doi.org/10.18888/rp.0000000305
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Currently, the technological advances of 320-row ADCT enabled dynamic respiratory scanning, which continuously scans the thorax under respiration. In addition, quantitative analysis by 4D dynamic tracking technology became possible.

Clinically, this procedure is used for preoperative examination of lung cancer patient.

This report showed the kinetic analysis of the anatomical structures, thorax, bronchi and regional lung parenchyma in the dynamic respiratory CT image. Any structures are well correlated with the movement of the diaphragm and thorax. Therefore, the respiratory phases are reflected in the dynamic respiratory CT image.

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