A New Group Care Program for Elderly with Dementia : What Is Happen, What Is Brought Out Miho Hirabayashi 1 , Nobuko Mizutani 1 1College of Nursing Art and Science, Hyogo Keyword: 痴呆症高齢者 , アクティビティケア , 回想法 , グループケアプログラム , elderly with dementia , activity care , reminiscence , group care program pp.44-56
Published Date 2003/3/15
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 "The new group care program incorporated reminiscence into daily activities for dementia" was started for older persons with dementia who participated in a community rehabilitation program. The purpose of this study is to clarify the phenomenon occurred and the process brought out their hidden abilities by dementia in this new program.

 The participants of the program, consisted of eight sessions and once a week, were five elderly with mild to moderate dementia. The data were collected by video tape recording of the sessions and analyzed by a qualitative and inductive method.

 It was found that they had experienced their individual "starting points" in each session. Then, the some abilities were discovered as follows; sensing a wider range of time stream such as the past, the present and the future, asking themselves from both feelings of nothingness and achievement, interacting variously with other people such as the person not be in the place.

 From the results mentioned above, it is that the planning and practicing of a group care program according to daily life is very important to bring out the hidden abilities of elderly with dementia.

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