Volume 4, Issue 1 (November 1999)

Preventive Factors of Falls in the Institutionalized Elderly: Muscle Strength in the Lower Extremities and Ultrasound Bone Densitometry Mayumi Kato 1 , Kiyoko Izumi 1 , Kazuyo Kawashima 1 , Naoko Nakamura 1 1School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine,Kanazawa University Keyword: 入院高齢者 , 転倒予防因子 , 筋力 , 骨量 , institutionalized elderly , preventive factors of falls , muscle strength in the lower extremities , ultrasound bone densitometry pp.58-64
Published Date 1999/11/1
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 Objective : To identify muscle strength in the lower extremities and ultrasound bone densitometry in institutionalized elderly individuals by analyzing their history of falls as well as their sex, age, and transfer ability.

 Methods : Isometric maximal knee-extension strength was measured by a hand-held dynamometer and ultrasound bone densitometry by Steosgraph Mark-6000. T-test and chi-square test were performed and analyzed.

 Subjects : One hundred and eighteen elderly individuals in 1997 and 138 in 1998 were examined, and 64 elderly individuals(mean age 83.1 ± 6.8)were followed up for two years in two geriatric institutions.

 Results : About 30% experienced more than one fall per year. As age increased and transfer and gait ability decreased, the muscle strength and ultrasound bone densitometry significantly decreased (p<0.05, p<0.01, p<0.001). Regardless of sex, age, and transfer ability, the results of all ultrasound bone densitometry tests were under 25%, indicating osteoporosis. The muscle strength of twenty percent of elderly persons with decreased transfer ability tended to decrease from 6.4 kg to 4.7 kg, and 53 % of these experienced falls.

 Conclusion : The institutionalized elderly showed a remarkable decline in muscle strength and ultrasound bone densitometry because of multiple diseases and limited physical activities resulting from aging, limited moving place, and so on. Also, the results obtained suggested the relationship between proclivity to falling and declined muscle strength and transfer ability.

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