Factors Related to the Mental Health of Fire Fighting Staff Satsuki Yokoyama 1 1Department of Social Welfare, Chubu-gakuin College Keyword: 消防職員 , 精神健康度 , 職業性ストレス , fire fighting staff , mental health , occupational stress pp.64-73
Published Date 2010/6/21
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 Objective:To elucidate the characteristics of psychological stress reaction among fire fighting staff as well as the occupational stressors and stress-related factors affecting the psychological stress reaction.

 Methods:An anonymous self-report questionnaire survey was conducted in September 2006 on 443 fire fighting staff belonging to a fire headquarters.

 Results:Fire fighting staff had a high level of psychological stress reaction, particularly those who were full-time staff. The mental health of fire fighting staff was greatly influenced by stress-related factors that strengthen or weaken the relationship between stressors and stress reaction, such as “self-esteem,” “non-work activities,” and “support from coworkers.”

 Conclusion:In order to improve the mental health of fire fighting staff, it is necessary to provide stress management education for improving the staff's own coping ability and to enhance social support systems. In addition, it is important to implement measures that consider the particular nature of the profession.

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