Japan Academy of Nephrology Nursing Volume 15, Issue 2 (November 2013)

A descriptive-quantitative inquiry into dialysis nurses' thanatopsis and its related factors Keyword: 血液透析看護 , 死生観 , 終末期看護 , ピア・サポート , dialysis nursing , thanatopsis , terminal nursing care , peer support pp.66-74
Published Date 2013/11/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.7003100559
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Purpose: The objective of the present study is [1] to clarify dialysis nurses' thanatopsis (i.e. views of life and death) and its related factors in terms of descriptive-statistics, and [2] to gain the basic knowledge of end-of-life support for dialysis patients.

Method: A quantitative-descriptive approach is employed in the research, targeting on 754 nurses working in non-hospital institutions providing dialysis treatment in A-prefecture. Date elicitation was done in the form of single-blind questionnaire, using the diagnostic standard for views on life and death developed in Hirai et al (2000); the result was retrieved via airmail. Of the 485 overall responses, 478 valid ones have been analyzed statistically:t-test and one-way ANOVA method were used regarding the correlation between thanatopsis and attributes of the participants; Spearman's rank-order correlation in analyzing how thanatopsis and each question were correlated.

Result: It became clear that there is a tendency that the nurses: [1] do not avoid thinking of death, [2] do not regard death as something that might lead to liberation from sufferings, and [3] are not significantly interested in death. It was also found that in terms of the two factors `fear of death' (t=-2.04, p<0.05) and `avoidance of death' (t=-2.61, p<0.01), there is a significant difference between nurses and practical nurses: practical nurses are more likely to feel fearful of and to avoid thinking of death. Furthermore, talking about death is positively correlational with their interest in death (ρ=0.198~0.247, p<0.01).

Conclusion: It was suggested that it is necessary to provide support for practical nurses and peer support for nurses to talk about death.

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