Peer Support among Patients and Its Relationship with Mental Health:Survey on the Ostomates Miho Ono 1 , Tomoko Takayama 2 , Emiko Kusano 3 , Chieko Kawata 4 1Graduate School of Health Sciences, Okayama University 2Center for Cancer Control and Information Services, National Cancer Center 3Senri Kinran University 4Aichi Prefectural College of Nursing and Health Keyword: ピア・サポート , 精神的健康 , オストメイト , peer support , mental health , ostomate pp.23-32
Published Date 2007/12/20
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 This study describes the current status of peer support among patients and examines the relationship between peer support and patients' mental health. Self-reported questionnaires were distributed to 862 patients who were members of the Japan Ostomy Association. Responses from 499 of these patients were analyzed.

 Analysis of the questionnaire responses indicated that peer support among patients was categorized according to the following 3 factors: “giving support,” “receiving emotional support,” and “receiving informational support.” Many patients' responses identified the following contents of peer support: ‘recognition of the role of peer supporter,’ ‘encouragement to fight against the disease,’ ‘maintenance of an objective perception of their medical condition,’ and ‘empathy.’ Multiple regression analysis revealed that patients with high peer support were less depressed, more satisfied, perceived that their existence has meaning, and felt motivated.

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