Nature of Typical Ethical Problems Encountered by Midwives in Perinatal Medical Care in the Tokai Area of Japan Kazuko SUGIURA 1 , Katsumasa OTA 2 , Chisato SUZUKI 2 1School of nursing, Seirei Christopher University 2Nagoya University graduate school of medical science Keyword: 倫理的問題 , 周産期医療 , 助産師 , 分娩 , 倫理原則 , ethical problem , perinatal medical care , midwives , delivery , ethical principle pp.28-35
Published Date 2011/2/10
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.7001100044
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The aim of this study is to clarify the nature of typical ethical problems that midwives experience in providing perinatal medical care. We asked 115 hospitals to participate in this study, and 814 midwives from 65 of these hospitals served as study subjects. We conducted a questionnaire survey covering 1) demographic data, 2) frequency of encountering 14 ethical problem cases that are typical for midwives, and 3) free description of the most memorable among those 14 cases. A total of 209cases were collected and analyzed qualitatively. Every procedure was carried out with the approval of an institutional ethical review board.

Ethical problems were extracted from each case and categorized into eight ethical groups. Most cases involved life and death like abortion or treatment of helpless newborns in about 30% of the total, followed by the issues of physicians' beneficence and autonomy of patients in about 20% of them, respectively. On the other hand, there were cases with no ethical issue but rather medical problems like a difference between physicians and midwives in treatment policy. These results revealed a part of the nature of typical ethical problems experienced by midwives.

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