Ethical decision-making process of the expert nurse in palliative care: A qualitative study Akiko MATSUYAMA 1 , Kyoko HIGUCHI 2 1School of Health and Nursing Science, Wakayama Medical University 2Osaka City University Graduate School of Nursing Keyword: 倫理的意思決定 , 緩和ケア , エキスパートナース , 看護倫理 , ethical decision-making , palliative care , expert nurse , nursing ethics pp.19-27
Published Date 2011/2/10
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.7001100043
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In the present study, we conducted a qualitative descriptive study with the objective of elucidating the ethical decision-making process of expert nurses in palliative care as well as the underlying values for this process. A semi-structured interview was conducted on eight expert nurses who consented to participate in the study. The results showed that expert nurses, when faced with the three ethical dilemmas of “conflict between the patient's wishes regarding QOL and safety”, “conflict between the patient's self-determination, wishes and the family's wishes”, and “situation in which there is a risk that priority may be given to the medical personnel's judgment regarding the timing of the patient's self-determination”, made decisions by returning to the patient's self-determination so as to take into account the fact that the patient made his or her decision with firm resolve, and identified four outcomes. In addition, the underlying values included “autonomy”, “nonmaleficence”, “beneficence”, and “veracity”.

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