Cooking assessment leading to the promotion of an inclusive approach to improve cooking abilities in hemiplegic patients Hiromi Hirono 1 , Katsuyuki Shibata 2 , Chie Ichimori 1 , Kaori Mikuni 1 1Toyama Rousai Hospital 2Division of Health Sciences, Kanazawa University Graduate School of Medical Science Keyword: 役割 , (アセスメント) , 調理 , Role , Assessment , Cooking pp.161-169
Published Date 2010/4/15
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 The purpose of this study was to assess cooking activities that use 4 necessary abilities (upper extremity movement, lower extremity movement, apparatus operation, and acknowledgment), and to evaluate the benefit of intervention on 2 female hemiplegic cases. In the first case, which focused on apparatus operations and lower extremity ability, the score improved from 162/186 to 195/200. On the second case, which focused on apparatus operations and cognition, the score improved from 103/186 to 171/186. This assessment enables the occupational therapist to identify the problem and judge the effects. The assessment also revealed an improvement in cooking performance activities.

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