Effectiveness of social skills training (SST) for children with pervasive developmental disorders(PDD) Sachie Fukushima 1,2 , Shoko Hikita 1 , Yuzuru Harada 1 , Masayoshi Kobayashi 2 1Shinshu University Hospital, Mental Health Clinic for Children 2School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Shinshu University Keyword: 広汎性発達障害 , SST , 作業療法 , Pervasive developmental disorders , Social skills training , Occupational therapy pp.152-160
Published Date 2010/4/15
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 Little is known about the effectiveness of social skills training (SST) in occupational therapy for children with pervasive developmental disorders (PDD). The aim of this study was to consider the effectiveness of SST for children with PDD.

 Six children with PDD, aged 9 to 12, were provided with six biweekly 60-minute sessions, for 12 weeks.

 There were improvements in the following items: group activity, self-control and peer relationships.

 The results suggest that SST may be effective for children with PDD. It is important to consider the individual treatment and the sequence in which the skills are learned. In order to generalize the skills, children must be provided with opportunities to communicate in a natural context.

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