Effect of role performance and environmental factors on HRQOL for community-living elderly requiring long-term care: A comprehensive study including the effects of physical function Hirokazu Sano 1 , Kenji Yabuwaki 2 , Nobuyuki Sano 3 1Ibara City Hospital 2School of Health Science and Social Welfare, Kibi International University 3Faculty of Medical Science, Fukuoka International University of Health and Welfare Keyword: 役割 , 環境 , 健康関連QOL , 地域 , 要介護高齢者 , Role , Environment , Health-related QOL , Community , Elderly people requiring long-termcare pp.60-69
Published Date 2020/2/15
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 In community rehabilitation, support is provided so that the elderly can play a role in society. However, few reports have described the effects of role promotion on health-related quality of life (HRQOL). This study aimed to examine the effects of role performance, environmental factors, and physical function on HRQOL using a provisional role checklist (Japanese version 3) for elderly people requiring long-term care. The analysis of our hypothetical model using a structural equation model approach revealed the direct effects of environmental factors and indirect effects of role performance on HRQOL. On the other hand, physical function had no effect on HRQOL. Our findings suggest that comprehensive environmental support and sufficient role promotion could improve the HRQOL of elderly people requiring long-term care.

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